Driving productivity, sales and engagement
    for banks and customers.


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Smart Machine Platform

Wizzio is an intelligent, white label platform
for banks to house apps and widgets,
maximizing the value of mobility,
artificial intelligence, big data and APIs.

Context Aware

Adapting to each business moment to deliver the best insights, driving sales and productivity for bank employees, and improved engagement with end customers.

MyWizzio for End Customers

The tailored investment management platform for end customers.
Creating a personlized environment for self-service
and direct-to-advisor contact.
Establishing a dynamic for continuous engagement.

Accelerate Your Strategy

Leverage Wizzio’s powerful foundation to execute your digitalization strategy.
Highly customizable and open (SDK included). Compatible across multiple platforms.
Native apps for W8.1, iOS and Android.

A closer look at Wizzio's
key features

  • Intelligent Platform for Apps and Widgets

    An intelligent environment to house apps and widgets, creating the opportunity for rich insights by leveraging big data and artificial intelligence.

  • Context Aware

    Sensing where you are and what you are doing, Wizzio synthesizes information from throughout the platform to deliver real-time insights.

  • Powered by IBM Watson

    Unleashing value from natural language by developing specific expertise to drive better decisions for your bank employees and customers.

  • Apps are Persistent

    Understanding that in real life interuptions happen, apps within Wizzio can be paused and restarted later, making sure progress is never lost.

  • Open Platform and SDK

    Champion your own development to realize your unique strategic vision. Build on Wizzio’s powerful foundation and use our SDK to steer future development.

  • Multi Device

    Access Wizzio across devices, maintaining an intelligent and unified experience throughout your day.

Wizzio in the news


  • Wizzio will showcase at
    Gartner Symposium/ITxpo

    8 - 12 November 2015 | Barcelona, Spain

    Read all about it here

  • Novabase launched MyWizzio on the FINOVATE Fall 2015

    16 - 17 September 2015 | New York, United States

    Read all about it here

  • Wizzio received a 5/5 score from Datamonitor

    12 February 2015 | London, United Kingdom

    Read all about it here

Wizzio is a Novabase solution.
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